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Small Business Owner

"I am a  small business owner and I value establishments that not only take care of people- but actually sincerely care. I had never tried naturopathy before but when my traditional doctor left me waiting in the waiting room for over an hour and still didnt get to me I knew a less traditional approach was needed. I never feel like my primary care doc  ever has enough time or energy to address my concerns when I need. So I decided to try Rain City- very close to where I live and work on Westlake/South Lake Union."

D'Arcy H.

" Dr. Sabatinos and Dr. Morris got me in the next week to discuss the issues I was concerned about, mainly being a wonky hip that had been bothering me. Which can be a big issue working as a hairstylist on my feet for hours. They chatted with me and explained the whys behind some other items I wanted info on and then swiftly put me into a deep tissue massage. I recently picked up the supplements and herbs they recommended and feel much more empowered than I ever felt going to my doctor at Polyclinic. I highly recommend them and actually already referred a desperate friend with major back issues get back on her feet. Make them your GO TO support team whenever you're in medical doubt!"

Carrie C.

"A convenient location with a great staff. I have been seeing Dr Morris for years for massage and more recently for naturopathic care. She is wonderful at both. Great at figuring what ails you and how to fix it. If she doesn't know what is wrong she will research till she can help. I can't recommend as either a naturopath or a massage therapist highly enough. If you are looking for a new doctor, have health problems you can't quite figure out, or need a good relaxing massage this is the place."

Larisa G.

"I have worked with a number of physicians over the last ten years and I have finally settled on my new primary care doctor - that's Chrysalis at Rain City Integrative.  This is because Chrysalis is both knowledgeable and caring and patient. If you prefer to have a dialog with your doctor, someone to be a true partner in your health - check out Chrysalis at Rain City Integrative Clinic  I am so relieved to finally have a medical practitioner I trust and who communicates with me in a respectful and caring manner. Highly recommended."

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