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September 21, 2017
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September 22, 2017


By: Fern Zimmerman, Office Manager

Hi my name is Fern I'm the new office manager here at Rain City Integrative Clinic and I thought in my first post I would address one of the reasons I chose to work here.


When you fill out the new patient paper work at the clinic you will note a required insurance field for your sex categorization "Male/Female", and a field for starting our conversation on the right foot "preferred pronoun".

At Rain City Integrative there is a sense of acceptance no matter who you are, not only acceptance but an active effort to be a place where you can be you.

As I was going through the interview process I was told about the communities we serve and how Rain City Integrative strives to be a safe, accepting and active partner with their patients.

"At Rain City Integrative there is a sense of
acceptance no matter who you are"


That a person with chest scarring from recent top surgery or who is on a hormone therapy plan can come into the clinic with no fear of being confronted or challenged about their gender. That our staff is knowledgeable, respectful, and embracing of our many communities.

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Perhaps I should say what I value most is their active acceptance, in everything from paperwork to examinations. The importance the clinic places on not only the challenges their patients face but also getting to know who they are.

I came to this clinic looking for a place to work, and I found a community to live in.

I look forward to many more blog posts, conversations about insurance, and probably who your favorite author is.

By: Fern Zimmerman, Office Manager